VacuMaster Coil for swiveling stainless steel coils by 90°

Vacuum Lifting Device VacuMaster Coil

Handling coils and slit strip, e.g. for positioning onto a decoiler mandrel


  • For thin and ultra-thin sheet metal, steel and stainless steel, metal foils, tinplate and aluminum
  • Maximum strip thickness of 3.0 mm (aluminum) or 1.5 mm (steel)
  • Continuous swiveling up to 90°

Design and Function

  • Vacuum lifting device with vacuum clamps (suction rings) that can be switched on/off separately
  • Highly reliable manual slide valve for activating vacuum
  • Electric vacuum pump for short evacuation times
  • Precise electric drive for continuous swiveling of the load
  • Audible warning device and vacuum reservoir for redundant safety in loss of vacuum and power failure respectively
  • Transparent suction plate for easily positioning

Your Benefits

  • Different sized coils can be handled with one device
  • Exact positioning and safe gripping of coils
  • Damage-free gripping without mechanical clamping
  • Loads can be swiveled effortlessly and set down flush with the floor

Product Inquiries:

We would be happy to help you design a vacuum lifting device and a compatible crane.

Product Inquiry

Suction plate with three separate vacuum clamps

Technical Data

TypeMax. lift capacity [kg]Min. workpiece ? [mm]Max. workpiece ? [mm]Number of suction clamps
Coil 500 90°5006001,2003
Coil 750 90°7506001,4003
Coil 1000 90°1.0007501,8003
Type? suction plate inner D1 [mm]? suction plate outer D2 [mm]Overall height H [mm]Operator handle L1 [mm]Weight [kg]
Coil 500 90°4108501,300660140
Coil 750 90°4101,0501,300660155
Coil 1000 90°4101,2001,300660190

Accessories for Vacuum Lifting Device VacuMaster Coil


Quick-connect electrical connection

The CEE plug suggests the lifting device to be easily connected to the power supply and then quickly disconnected if necessary (only for VacuMaster Basic).